Barrington Hills Farm House

This 5,500 sq.ft. four bedroom, 3 ½ bath single family residence is an exterior and interior renovation and rejuvenation of a once working farm house.  The project also included the addition of a new front porch and generous rear deck.

The existing home had seen numerous patchwork remodels and poorly conceived additions prior to this most current design renovation.  Much of the design task then was to remove the compiled and incoherent previous work and replace it with a cohesive design that brings clarity and function to the fore.  The projects goals were largely met by unifying the shapes and honesty of a once working barn structure with a contemporary need for livability, efficiency, and building safety.

The exterior scope of the project included stone landscape walls, hardwood decks, new roofing and window arrangements, a re-clad silo, and a reconfigured parking plan.  The interior design renovations included a full bathroom gut and rehab as well as a stair re-design and a new breakfast room located inside the once functioning silo.  These changes along with the design goal of making it a place that looks and feels like a single idea, makes this historic structure a truly unique home.

Location: Barrington Hills, IL
Design: 2008
Construction: 2008
Design Principal: Ann Clark
Project Team: Jacob Wahler
Interior Design: Tealia Ellis Ritter
General Contractor: Erdmann Construction
Photography: Brad Taylor
Barrington Hills 1
Barrington Hills 2
Barrington Hills 3
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