generation|s|™ offers a new prototypical multi-family residential building to the urban market. Sited for a standard Chicago lot, generation|s|™ is distinguished by its atypical arrangement of units and sustainable design. The 5,000 square foot generation|s|™ is a 4-story building with three distinct residential units: a ground floor unit designed for optional ADA accessibility, a 3-story primary unit, and a 2-story loft unit.  This arrangement is ideal for an extended family or a landlord/tenants model; generation|s|™  was designed to accommodate flexible living situations and investment goals.

In keeping with the ACA philosophy, generation|s|™ was designed through collaborative effort and commitment to sustainability. In-depth research including such topics as deconstruction/construction waste management, CO2 emissions, water conservation, code restrictions, materials, energy efficiency, renewable energy, passive design, and the applicability of green building rating systems was conducted.  Targets were set to achieve a minimum LEED Silver certification and the highest certification of Chicago Green Homes.

While a hierarchy of dwelling units exists, each unit is intentionally provided with equitable access to the building’s features:

  • -A south-facing courtyard providing central light on all four stories Ample daylight and opportunity for natural cross-ventilation
  • -Outdoor living spaces for the ground floor unit and the primary unit
  • -Vegetated roof and covered roof deck
  • -Solar collectors providing supplementary hot water to all units and heat to the primary unit
  • -Rainwater catchment system for irrigating ground & roof vegetation
  • -Permeable pavement that filters and reduces stormwater runoff
  • -Dedicated storage for each unit in the basement to accommodate bicycles
  • -Sustainably produced and regionally available materials
  • -Reduced materials use, minimal interior partitions and door
Location: Chicago, IL | typical 25’x125′ lot
Design: 2008-2009
Design Principal: Ann Clark
Project Team: Lane Fowlie: Technical Design Coordinator
Janenn Harrell, LEED AP: LEED Project team Coordinator
Jacob Wahler: Designer

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