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Kinston, North Carolina: Grandma Gaga gets the “Big D”

Grandma Gaga (GG) has visions to turn an old tire repair warehouse formerly known as Big ‘D’ Tires, along the Neuse River into her ‘lofty’ place of residence.

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Deep Run, North Carolina: What I learned from Willy and Dinky

It was about 95 degrees at 9 in the morning with about 100% humidity. At the site were Ben and Vivian, the proud owners of the house, their 14 month old twins, Flo and Theo, their grandmother (also known as Lady Gaga), Ned the GC, Willy the head framer, his sidekick Dinky, Marty the Mason and Bear the oversized black Labrador farm dog, who left his prints all over my prints that I toted along from Chicago.

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